Hazro City / Chhachh valley
My City Hazro

Historical Background

There are different stories about the initial establishment cause of Hazro City. One story was described by Khawaja Mohammad khan (Late) from his elders that about nine Hundred Years ago their forefather who belonged from Ali Zai branch of Durrani tribe during the region of Sultan Mehmood Gaznavi they lay the foundation of Hazro City. Ameer Hazer khan had three sons, Ilyas khan went to India” Ram Pur” in those days. The remaining six sons’ progeny was also in area of chhachh. One of his sons name was Haroon who settled Haroon.
Famous English traveler Maj. Rawati wrote the majorities of tribe Ghourghushti in Hazro. The writer of “Katab-Al- Afghan” has thought that Hazro may be settle by Khazar khan who born in 1018 Hijri during the reign of Janghir Khan .Khazar name changed into Hazar and at last named as Hazro.
Book “Geography District Rawalpindi” printed 1901 has described the condition of Hazro city in these words.
Trees of dates are seen in Hazro city from faraway. Population is about 7580 there is City wall around the city. Mehmood Gaznavi defected Hindu Rajas in the ground of Hazro in 1008. Surrounding robbers did not give chance to develop this City.

Recent Hazro

In the present time Hazro is the beautiful combination of old and new developed city. Population is increased as compared to past. Out the city wall of old city there has been made very big buildings and busy bazaars Grand Masjid Minars has also seen now a day from faraway. However trees of dates are decreased very much. Molana Mohammad Rafi-Al-Hussaini Sb. was built the first long Minar at the last of 1980 which length is about 5 feet’s long from Hindu Hari Mandar in Hazro. Hazro high school building was also involved in old British memory. In the internal city big old buildings was mostly build by Hindu Saiths who went to Hindustan after the existence of Pakistan and in there places some migrated families settled there.
Hazro city’s had six doors which was closed at sunset and opened at sunrise. On the demand of of landlord doors opened in 1880 forever. In those four doors are famous
in them is named as Kashmiri gate, Others gates Dhakki Gate, Ratela Mandi Gate are also famous. Kashmiri gate is on the west side of old city. Near to this has fixed the resent “Ghori Missile Model”. In these four gates has fixed the names of Khulfahi Rashideens.

Educational Background

In 1999 Hazro City, there was establishment of Hazro Degree College first time for higher education of boys which is on area of about one hundred canals. Recently there are educations for both boys and girls up to graduate degree.

Administration of City

Hazro City was an important Tehsil of District Rawalpindi in British time on the old demand of people of Chhachh on 2004 it has again upgraded to Tehsil in Attock Districk. Hazro Baldia Office is called as” Tehsil Municipal Administration” is established in 1962 and police station of Hazro is established in 1905/06. In the city there are present official and Private Hospitals, Clinics, Post office, Banks, Telephone Exchange, Municipal Committee, Police Station, Stands for Public Transport and Parks. Every Sunday there is held of famous historical Mandhi Mawaishian in Hazro City in which beside animals, there is also trade of daily routine things. Recently there is section of Water Filtration Plant for the people of Hazro City which will settled at the old Police Post. Old Hazro City which was consist of dark and narrow streets and Bazaars in the time of Hindus and at the start of evening fire lamps were burnt after the existence of Pakistan here same thing is present only addition of street lights and polls for rubbish


Hazro Tobacco, Naswar, Zarri Shoes & some Vegetables are famous in all Pakistan. Vegetable of fertile lands of Hazro and surroundings are famous in all Pakistan. Here green Coriander seeds are cargo daily to England by Aero Planes.
Cauliflower are sent to all Pakistan by trunks here ,Hand made” Chaplian” are specially liked in Province Sarhad (Frontier).In past time “Chapli Khabab” of Dhakki Road was also brought by people to other countries e.g. Hong Kong and Gulf Countries.

Mosques and Religious Educational Institute

In Hazro City and surroundings many Mosques and Madaris are present. Madrassa Arabia Ashat ul Quran Ratela Mandi, Tabligi Madrassa Toll-Tax Road, Madrassa Qasmia Mena Bazaar, Madrassa Haqa-i-qul Uloom Mohallah Muslim Gunj, Darul Uloom Muftaul Uloom Bhangai & Madrassa Mufti Ahmed Rahman Dak-Bangla Road are involved. Recently there is opening ceremony of Mufti Ahmed Rahman in which few famous Ulma-E-Karam of Karachi participated Building of Madrassa is very beautiful and according to modern demand .In old Mosques “Muhajar Wali Mosque Halwahi Bazaar” and “Chowki Wali Masjid” near old Chowki are famous old Masjids.

Fast traveling Facilities

Bab-i-Nawaz Sharif and Main Bus Adda were built at the start of 1990. From which public transport of Attock city, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hattian, Ghourgushti, Turbela Dam, is available. In Addition on Thursday one Van as a Shuttle take away “Zahireen” toward Pabbi pilgrimage through the way of Gondal. In the same way at the start of 1990 Bus coach system from Hazro City for Karachi City started. From which people of Chhachh avail fast traveling facility. Now a day for Karachi, Pakistan express, Karachi coach four buses came out from stops daily to Karachi City. Islamabad, Peshawar motorway M-1 cover the distance of about 25 kilometers in the area of Chhachh. For Hazro City planning for Chhachh Interchange made in 2005 and opening ceremony of planning was done in the mid of 2007.Chhachh Interchange will soon open for people facility from which people of Hazro City will take particular benefits. In Hazro City all Pakistani famous Banks are presents. Bank Al-Flah and Allied Bank, provides ATM Machines for people. Western Union, Zarco Office are also located on Thaana Road, Franchise of Paktel, Ufone, Mobilink Companies continue their work in Hazro City.

Hazro Speaking Languages

In Hazro city three Famous Languages of country are spoken, Hindko, Urdu, Pashto, Some families speak Kohistani Language

Favorite Dishes

Rice Cholas, are used as fast food at first time where as Dahi Bulla, Samusa, Pakora, eat people mostly at the evening time, Doudh Patti, tea etc. are particular drinks of people where as in summer season people drink mostly Soda Water.

Liver of Foreign Countries

People of Hazro City and surrounding are present in foreign countries for their jobs which include, England, America, Hong Kong, Spain, Holland, Japan, and Gulf countries .Number of sea men are also many.

Peaceful Valley of Chhachh

According to other area of Chhachh is free from problems of peace and sectarian in all Pakistan and people lead life happily.
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